Marilyn Monroe and panda bear linocuts

Yesterday my brother came over again and we did four more linocuts. We made two different types of  Marilyn Monroe linocuts, one linocut of a friend of ours, and one of a panda bear. My brother did two outlines and colored them in where he carved out the lines, and then painted the whole thing in one colour with a paint roller, so he could hang them on the wall again. Just like he did with the world map linocut last time.

I used two of the linocuts to make stamps and do some stamping. It was a very nice evening, and I am quite pleased with the results 🙂


My brother copied and carved out a picture of a friend of ours (the one on the left), whose birthday is coming up. He coloured in the lines in blue, but you have to get really close to see it is blue, although it does shine through the white a little and I like this a lot. And the one on the left is Marilyn Monroe, to gift to our sister for her birthday tonight.

Marilyn Monroe linocut

I made a panda linocut, because I use Panda as a nickname for my boyfriend all the time, and because they are just the funniest creatures! And I also did a Marilyn Monroe for my sister. I am quite pleased with the result, especially the little panda, because I drew that all by myself 🙂