Come up with original ideas to make your embroidery hip and fashionable!

Embroidery can sometimes have a bit of an old school or grandma feel to it. Even though it can be quite amazing, and is so much fun to do. I love it, it makes me feel very calm and zen in my sometimes crazy whirlwind little life. There is just something about counting the stitches like a puzzle, and slowly seeing the picture coming together. So the next time someone calls you an old lady when you tell them about your hobbies, show them this 🙂

  1. Find cool patterns

A lot of embroidery patterns are very conventional and still look like they were designed in the fifties. So go out and find some really cool and awesome patterns. Have a look around Etsy or Pinterest for inspiration. There are gorgeous modern patterns out there with quotes that would make everyone in the fifties blush with disapproval. Or just add your own cheeky quotes to things, swearing is allowed 🙂


  1. Add a little embroidery to your clothes

The other day I saw a pair of jeans with embroidered flowers on it for sale for €1890. If Gucci can make it look hot, so can you! So add some flowers, butterflies, or my favorite, little bees and other insects to a pair of jeans, or a fancy jacket to make it look even better.


  1. Turn it into an art piece

Embroidery does not have to be at all stuffy, just turn it into a piece of (abstract) art. Experiment with using different materials and fabrics. Design a landscape, use different types of embroidery stitches, try using beads or attach other things to your piece, make it two- or even three-dimensional, make it huge, or make it tiny. Just experiment. A lot. 🙂


  1. Make embroidered jewelry

Take little designs and turn them into earrings, brooches, necklaces or rings. The options are endless. You can put the embroidery in a tiny hoop and attach it to a necklace or ear studs. But you can also think outside the box and embroider a small peace of wood and turn it into a necklace. Or put the embroidered fabric in some resin. Or just make fabric earrings. The options are endless.

My Etsy shop is online

My Easy shop just went live! This means you can now go to The Making of Stuff shop and buy my newest cross stitch pattern! The shop still looks very basic and needs some more customizing, but I just could not wait to get it up and running, so this will be my project for the next few days.

My first buyable pattern

For my first pattern in the shop I went with a little church owl. I love birds, so more bird patterns will definitely follow soon.

I photographed the finished owl in a small and a large hoop. Personally I like the large hoop better, but everyone else I have asked preferred the smaller hoop.


How to make a fabric frame

How to sew a fabric frame

How to sew a fabric frame

I want to display all of my embroidery projects in my hallway, so I have been scouring second-hand shops for nice frames. So far I haven’t found any gems, but my embroidery projects are piling up. So I decided to make a fabric frame.

I got this polar bear embroidery project from a friend for my birthday last year. He also gave me some of his old coats to use for scraps. So I decided to cut up one of his coats for the fabric frame, because I liked the symbolism of it.

How to sew a fabric frameWhat you need:

  • Something to frame
  • 4 Strips of fabric
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or a needle if you do it by hand
  • Thread
  • Piece of cardboard the same size as whatever you want to frame
  • Small piece of ribbon


How to sew a fabric frame

So first I measured how big the frame had to be and then I cut out 4 strips of fabric. First I hemmed the side that was going to be along the framed item, so the inner part of the frame.

Make a fabric frame

Then I ironed the corners of the strips where I wanted to attach them to each other. After sewing them together I cut off the corners, so the frame would not get too bulky in the four corners.

How to make a fabric frame

How to sew a fabric frameHow to make a fabric frame

Then I folded the strips over the length to form the frame and ironed in the folds. Then I cut out a piece of cardboard the same size as I wanted the polar bear in the frame to be, and I made sure it fit properly. When it did I closed the bottom corners on the back of the frame. I did not make it super fancy, because it is the back of the frame and no one will ever see it.

How to sew a fabric frame

How to make a fabric frame

Because my embroidery fabric is white and somewhat see-through I also cut a square of white paper to put over the cardboard to make sure you don’t see the cardboard. Then I put the polar bear embroidery in the frame and closed up the two top corners.

How to sew a fabric frameI cut the small piece of black ribbon I had in half (I cut it out of an old t-shirt, you are supposed to use them to hang the shirt on a hanger, but I always cut them out and save them). I made two little loops and stitched them to the back. And voila, the fabric frame is ready to be hung on the wall.

Off course you could use the frame for other things then embroidery. It can be cute for photos or paintings. You can use different fabrics for each side, so it is a good project for using up some scraps. You can add some lace or embroidery to the frame. The options are endless. Let me know what you made in the comments 🙂

Free embroidery pattern and a gift for my brother

My youngest brother asked me to make him something. What it would be was up to me. His only specifications were that it was to be hanged on his wall and should not be too big. I struggled quite a bit with this seemingly simple assignment, because I wanted to make him something he would really like. I brainstormed for quite some time before I finally came up with a plan. I was going to embroider the lyrics of a song our babysitter used to sing to him. The song is Dutch, and it is about being very confident and arrogant. Which applied to my little brother as a kid, and still does now that he is about to turn 27 in February.

So I opened my MacStitch and started messing around with the text option. If you would also like to embroider these lyrics I made the pattern Het is moeilijk bescheiden te blijven – Peter Blanker available for download 🙂

It took me quite a while to get the text sorted out properly, but finally I could start embroidering. I was distracted because I was also watching The OA on Netflix and so I promptly made a spelling error in the first line of text. Ugh 🙂

After finishing the whole refrain I had to figure out what to do next. I decided to find some photos and collage them around the text, so I looked through my brother’s Facebook and through my own photo library. You can imagine this took a long time because it was a lot of fun going through old images and memories. I finally made a selection of funny and important moments and important people, and printed the photos on normal paper. I then took some leftover embroidery threads in bright colours and stitched the photos onto the fabric. This had to be done very carefully so as not to fold or tear the paper images.

After finishing putting all the images on I put the fabric with the right side down on a towel and ironed it. Then I found an old frame my mom had lying around and framed it. Since I embroidered the text on before I really knew what else I was going to do with it there was not a lot of extra room left on the fabric on the top and the left side, so this is why it is not entirely centered in the frame 🙂

Loose translation of the lyrics of the song ‘Het is moeilijk bescheiden te blijven’ by Peter Blankers:

It’s hard to stay modest

When you are as good as I am

So tough so charming so nice

You can tell right away

When I look in the mirror I think

Look at this amazing guy

It’s hard to stay modest

For such a talented man



Let me know if you decide to make something with this free embroidery pattern, I’m curious about your work!

Free pokemon go embroidery pattern (for crazy cross stitchers only)

So i wanted to create a free pattern for you to put up for download on my website. I secretly love playing Pokemon Go (yes, still), and I really like the start-up screen they have. So I decided to turn that into an embroidery pattern. I got my friend to take out the text in the image and then fed it into my embroidery software.


And that is where it all went a little crazy. I wanted it to look good, so i didn’t want to minimize the amount of colors too much. And I did not want it to be too small. So after experimenting a bit I came up with a pattern that was 643 stitches vertically and 405 stitches horizontally.

Ambitious as I was I started printing my pattern immediately, and you can imagine my shock when my printer told me it was out of paper several times, and just kept spitting out patterned paper after paper. When I sorted out all the pages and put them out on the floor, it was massive. These are all A4 size sheets of paper. Oops! Then I started looking at all the different colors thread I needed and I got even more discouraged. But in the end I decided to go for it, because I think the end result will be awesome, and I love a challenge!

So are you crazy enough to join me? Download the free pokemon go embroidery pattern here: Pokemoncrossstitch. There is a thread table of the exact colors you need with the DMC thread brand.

Please let me know in the comments if you take on the challenge with me. I will share my progress regularly, and I would love to see your projects too!