Welcome to the Making of Stuff!

My name is Miek and I am currently living in the beautiful Dutch city Zwolle. I love traveling, crafting, my parent’s dog Puk, and off course crafting.  Pinterest is my (not so) secret addiction.String art world map

On this blog you will find patterns for crochet and embroidery, and inspiration for a lot of other projects. You can also find book reviews and recommendations.

One of my friends recently gifted me his old Nikon D80, so now I am trying to learn everything I can about photography, and hopefully improve the photography on this blog.

One of my all time favorite things to do is traveling, so a lot of the crafts you will find on here will be map and travel-related. So if you enjoy studying maps as much as I do you will definitely find some inspiration here.

Some of my favorite crafts are sewing, (clothes, corsets, costumes, pillows or stuffed animals), embroidery and crochet. So be on the lookout for some patterns and tutorials coming soon!

I would also love to know what you would like to learn, see me try and learn or read about, so do not hesitate to tell me, either in the comments under the blogposts or via email 🙂