Recycling 2 t-shirts into 3 cowls for riding my motorbike

I have been taking motor lessons, and I love it. But it is cold and rainy out here, so I needed a new scarf. It can’t be a long scarf to wrap around my neck, because there cannot be anything flapping around loosely when I drive around on a bike. So I took 2 old t-shirts that do not fit me anymore, and turned them into 3 cowls.

Making t-shirts into scarvesTurning t-shirt into cowl

The old shirts. I love pink, but unfortunately these are too small to wear. Please excuse my terrible looking crafts table 🙂

Recycling t-shirt into cowl

This was actually a very simple project that took me less than an hour. I cut off the tops of the t-shirts so I had a straight cowl. I put them around my neck and sort of measured out how tight I wanted them to be, and then cut them on the side, and sewed the edges back together. I hemmed the tops.

For both shirts I had the left-over bits and so i sewed them together, so I have 3 cowls now. One is pink (my favorite), one is green, and one is green and pink. I am very happy with them, and I am sure my motor instructor will be happy I won’t be riding around with a scarf flapping about.

Recycle a t-shirt into a cowlT-shirt turned into cowl

I’m not sure why I didn’t take a photo with the green one, but you get the idea right? 🙂

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