Come up with original ideas to make your embroidery hip and fashionable!

Embroidery can sometimes have a bit of an old school or grandma feel to it. Even though it can be quite amazing, and is so much fun to do. I love it, it makes me feel very calm and zen in my sometimes crazy whirlwind little life. There is just something about counting the stitches like a puzzle, and slowly seeing the picture coming together. So the next time someone calls you an old lady when you tell them about your hobbies, show them this 🙂

  1. Find cool patterns

A lot of embroidery patterns are very conventional and still look like they were designed in the fifties. So go out and find some really cool and awesome patterns. Have a look around Etsy or Pinterest for inspiration. There are gorgeous modern patterns out there with quotes that would make everyone in the fifties blush with disapproval. Or just add your own cheeky quotes to things, swearing is allowed 🙂


  1. Add a little embroidery to your clothes

The other day I saw a pair of jeans with embroidered flowers on it for sale for €1890. If Gucci can make it look hot, so can you! So add some flowers, butterflies, or my favorite, little bees and other insects to a pair of jeans, or a fancy jacket to make it look even better.


  1. Turn it into an art piece

Embroidery does not have to be at all stuffy, just turn it into a piece of (abstract) art. Experiment with using different materials and fabrics. Design a landscape, use different types of embroidery stitches, try using beads or attach other things to your piece, make it two- or even three-dimensional, make it huge, or make it tiny. Just experiment. A lot. 🙂


  1. Make embroidered jewelry

Take little designs and turn them into earrings, brooches, necklaces or rings. The options are endless. You can put the embroidery in a tiny hoop and attach it to a necklace or ear studs. But you can also think outside the box and embroider a small peace of wood and turn it into a necklace. Or put the embroidered fabric in some resin. Or just make fabric earrings. The options are endless.

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