An overview of my latest projects and WIPs

A quick overview of my latest finished projects and some WIP’s (works in progress), and a little hint of a new project.

Vintage fan ripple blanket

I am still working on the ripple fan blanket. It is slowly getting a lot bigger. I am not sure yet how big I am going to make it, but it will probably be a WIP for a little while longer. You can find the link for the free pattern here, or buy the book Boho Crochet that has this pattern and more.

Progress on my crochet afghan

Monster cat amigurumi

I made a little evil cat amigurumi, pattern from this book. It still needs a few witches and a cauldron to go with it. I already bought all the necessary yarn, so it is on my to do list 🙂

Amigurumi Black Cat

Embroidery projects

I finished 2 embroidery projects, one of a zebra and one of a polar bear. I am quite pleased with the results. Now I just need to find some frames with a passe-partout to put it in. Time to go hit some second-hand shops to see if they have nice frames I can repurpose. I want to hang lots of different framed embroidery projects in different types of frames on the wall next to the stairs at the entrance in my house.

Embroidered polar bear Embroidered Zebra

Future projects

My next embroidery project will be huge, I am possibly biting off a little more than  I can chew. But hey, who doesn’t love a challenge! More on this will follow soon 🙂

And last but not least, my little brother brought me back a gorgeous piece of fabric from his trip to Zambia. I have not decided what to make with it yet. Any suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

Souvenir fabric from Zambia

A few little projects and a WIP

Some of my favorite magazines are the Flow and Daphne’s Diary, because they always have little projects in them. Stuff to cut out and glue together, and quickly make something pretty. The illustrations in both magazines are amazing too! So here are a few of the little projects I did.

Flow Book for Paper LoversFlow Book for Paper Lovers

This is a little living room, that I cut out and put together from the Flow Book for Paper Lovers. It is now living in my window sill.

Flow Bunting Flow bunting

This is from one of the little flow notebooks. The bunting was supposed to say New Beginning on one side and Happy End on the other. But I had been joking about happy endings with the astronaut boyfriend, so I decided to make it for him and spell Happy Ending instead 😉

Flow calendar

This is my little calendar on a string that I got from the January Flow Magazine. Because it was a tear out in the magazine I cut all the edges with my paper cutter, so they would be straight instead of looking like they were torn.

Crochet vintage fan ripple blanket

This is a crochet project I started and it is still a work in progress. Eventually it is going to be a large blanket, but for now it is stil more like a long banner. The pattern can be found on the blog A Creative Being, or in the book Boho Crochet. It is probably going to take me some time to finish this 🙂