Sewing a Jip & Janneke pillow

Jip en Janneke are 2 characters in a series of famous Dutch children’s books by Annie M.G. Schmidt. In the Netherlands everyone grew up with these stories, and I think they have been translated into many languages. I have loved the drawings in the books by Miep Westendorp for so long.

One of my brothers is dating an American girl and she is using the books to learn Dutch. So a couple of months ago I made her a pillow with their picture on it. I loved the pillow so much I decided to make some for myself too!

Sewing a Jip & Janneke pillowJip & Janneke pillow

Jip & Janneke on fabric

I measured and cut 4 squares out of an old white curtain. Then I got some Jip & Janneke images I liked and enlarged them and copied them onto pattern paper. Then used a textile marker to copy them on to the fabric. After that I sewed the squares together and stuffed them with stuffing. And now they live on my couch. And i can mix and match whichever of the 4 images I want to see that day 🙂

Jip & Janneke pillowsJip & Janneke pillows