Carving a linoleum world map

So my youngest brother came to me with this project. He wanted to carve a world map out of linoleum, and then paint it and hang it on his wall. He didn’t even know most people actually just use linoleum to stamp with and not as the end product. But that just made it so much more fun!

Making a linoleum world mapCarving the world map into linoleum

We didn’t find a piece of linoleum big enough for the world map so we got 3 pieces and split the map in 3. We found a world map outline on google, printed it, and then transferred it onto the linoleum with carbon copying paper.

World map carving and stamping with linoleumLinoleum stamping world map

After that we used the little carving tool thingies to cut out the outlines. My brother just wanted the linoleum to hang it on his wall, but now that we had it anyway I wanted to try stamping with it as well. Because the linoleum has to be on the wall and look correctly, the stamp is actually mirrored. So if you do not want to hang the linoleum as your end product, make sure you carve out the world map mirrored! I quite like our stamping result as well, and I think I might just try and find a nice frame somewhere and actually hang it in my house. I think the fact that it is mirrored makes it a little more special, plus it is a good memory of a nice afternoon spend with my brother.

World map linoleum carving

So we painted the linoleum a little more black after we were done with the stamping, and then started filling out the carving with bright green paint. We used the smallest paint brushes we could find for this.Linoleum world map carving

After drying the green paint with a hairdryer, we used the paint roller again to make sure only the carvings were green and none of the non-carved surface.

Linoleum carved world map

And voila, the end result. So I kept the stamp we made, and my brother took the linoleum plaques home. He hasn’t send me a picture of how he has hung them yet, but I’m sure I will see it soon!

P.S. Yesterday I visited the Fries Museum with my mom to see an exposition about knitting. It was really cool, and I took home some free knitting patterns they had, but I don’t actually know how to knit yet. So today my mom came by and gave me a book about knitting. She will teach me the basics (which are also in the book), but then the book also has a lot of different patterns and ways to knit, so I’m excited to start soon!