Sewing a new groceries bag

I’ve had this beautiful black Bershka bag with a boombox printed on it for years, and it is starting to fall apart. The handles have tears in them and the holes in the bottom are big enough for me to lose my keys. So it was time to make a new one. I found this really cute fabric with little sheep on them, so I drew up a pattern and started sewing.

My old Bershka bag

So this is my beloved old bag. I still use it for doing grocery shopping sometimes, and it looks even worse now. 🙂

Cute sheep fabric for sewing a bag

I found this really cute fabric with little sheep on it at a crafts fair a couple of months ago.


Materials for sewing a bag

So I just measured my old bag and then drew up a very simple pattern for the new one.

Sewing a grocery bag

I cut the pattern from the pattern paper, folded over the fabric and pinned the pattern on. I cut it out, leaving a few extra centimeters for the hems. Then I just sewed the sides together, and hemmed the top. I cut 2 strips of fabric for the shoulder straps and sewed those on.

Handmade grocery bag tutorial

And voila, the result.

Funny story. Pretty much one of the first days I used my new bag I dropped it in front of my front door, while it had half a liter of cream in it. Of course the cups with the cream broke and my bag and everything in it (and soon my coat, skirt and tights too) was covered in cream. I tried to save my agenda, phone, keys and book as well as I could, and threw everything washable into the washing machine immediately. I had to wash the bag 4 times at a high temperature before I finally got the smell out. Clumsy me! 🙂