Making a coat rack out of your old books

I needed a new coat rack for my house, so I decided to make one with some old books and a few coat hangers that i bought in a hardware store. For the books I went to my local second hand store, because I wanted books that were quite big and had colourful covers.

Making a coat rack out of books

I also bought a green book of the same size that I did not photograph for some reason. I wanted 2 books flat up against the wall with the coat handles attached to then, and then 1 book placed on brackets so I could put my gloves and hats on the top.

So I drilled some holes in the books and attached the hooks with screws. And then I just drilled some holes into the wall and put the books up! Actually a very easy project 🙂

DIY book coat rackHow to turn a book into a coat rack

I used these screws to attach the coat handles to the books. Because the backs of the screws kind of get turned into the pages of the book, and assures it won’t fall open or the screws will come out as you use the handles.

From second hand books to coat racks

And voila, the result. I am very very happy with my new coat racks!