I went to a crafts fair!

Last weekend was the Handwerkbeurs (crafts fair) in my town. It was a pretty large event and even sold out for several days of the 4-day event. I visited with my mom and 3 of our neighbors. There were so many amazing things to see. Some of the stands had some amazing quilts and now I think I need to start quilting. One of my neighbours was looking for an embroidery kit, and listening to the other women talking about it and giving advice made me curious too. My mom has recently gotten into weaving and she is making some amazing things (scarves and bags, and a table cloth is coming soon), so we looked at 2 stands with weaving tips, tricks and supplies. There were some amazing workshops going on, like felting scarves, making bracelets, knitting, crochet and much more. It was a very inspiring and good day!

So here is my loot:

Felted beagle and Paris embroidery kit

I got a little felting kit to try this technique, as I am very curious about it but have never tried it before. I really like the beagle, because my neighbors have a beagle called Finn and he always stays with me whenever they go on holidays, So I want to make the little beagle look like Finn instead of copying the pattern from the kit.

And then I got a little embroidery kit, because everyone made me curious by talking about it so much. One of my neighbors said she finds it very relaxing and zen to do, so I guess now I’m learning embroidery too.

Beautiful autumn color skeins

I think these 2 skeins are my favorite buy of the fair. The colors are so gorgeous and warm. I thought they were very manly, so maybe I will turn it into a scarf and/or hat for the astronaut boyfriend, but the more I look at them the more I want to keep the scarf for myself. I’m not sure yet if I will crochet or knit the scarf. I know how to do crochet, but knitting is also a new skill I would like to learn. I have all my grandmother’s knitting needles and a stack of her old skeins, so it would be nice to honor her by knitting with them. So I will keep you posted about what I will end up doing with these amazing skeins.

Crafting books

And then I bought 3 books as well, I just couldn’t help myself. The top one is about felting animals, so when I’m done with the beagle I want to try my hand at felting some birds and other animals. The book on the bottom left is about drawing and drafting patterns for designing and sewing your own clothes. I have dabbled in this a bit, but I could use a little refresher course. And then the last book is also about sewing and has a few really nice patterns I want to make, like several skirts, a coat, a vest and a jacket.

So I have quite a few supplies for some new creative projects for the coming weeks!