How to make an embroidered bird applique

Today I made a little embroidered bird applique. And here is how you can make one too!

I started out with an old book with drawings of birds that used to belong to my grandma. When I was a kid I loved this book, and often tried to draw the birds and learn all their names. So I took the book and looked for a bird I thought would look nice as an applique. I landed on the hoopoe, and decided to give that a try.

First I copied it over on very thin sewing paper, and cut it out. Then I found this old jacket that had the exact right colour and decided to use that for the background. I also found some white fabric scraps and used that for the white in the hoopoe. I lightly glued the white fabric onto the salmon colored fabric, just to keep it in place.


Then I got some black embroidery thread and embroidered in all the black lines on the wings of the bird, its eye and the black tops of the mohawk. I used a grey embroidery strand to make the beak. Then I got white to make a little dot in the eye, and finish off the mohawk.



Then I used a single black embroidery strand to outline the bird, and used my sewing machine to zigzag around the bird. Now I just need to figure out what to do with this little guy. I think I might make a few more birds and use them on a quilt or something. Let me know you made in the comments!


How to make a bird applique