Free pokemon go embroidery pattern (for crazy cross stitchers only)

So i wanted to create a free pattern for you to put up for download on my website. I secretly love playing Pokemon Go (yes, still), and I really like the start-up screen they have. So I decided to turn that into an embroidery pattern. I got my friend to take out the text in the image and then fed it into my embroidery software.


And that is where it all went a little crazy. I wanted it to look good, so i didn’t want to minimize the amount of colors too much. And I did not want it to be too small. So after experimenting a bit I came up with a pattern that was 643 stitches vertically and 405 stitches horizontally.

Ambitious as I was I started printing my pattern immediately, and you can imagine my shock when my printer told me it was out of paper several times, and just kept spitting out patterned paper after paper. When I sorted out all the pages and put them out on the floor, it was massive. These are all A4 size sheets of paper. Oops! Then I started looking at all the different colors thread I needed and I got even more discouraged. But in the end I decided to go for it, because I think the end result will be awesome, and I love a challenge!

So are you crazy enough to join me? Download the free pokemon go embroidery pattern here:ย Pokemoncrossstitch. There is a thread table of the exact colors you need with the DMC thread brand.

Please let me know in the comments if you take on the challenge with me. I will share my progress regularly, and I would love to see your projects too!



How to make an embroidered bird applique

Today I made a little embroidered bird applique. And here is how you can make one too!

I started out with an old book with drawings of birds that used to belong to my grandma. When I was a kid I loved this book, and often tried to draw the birds and learn all their names. So I took the book and looked for a bird I thought would look nice as an applique. I landed on the hoopoe, and decided to give that a try.

First I copied it over on very thin sewing paper, and cut it out. Then I found this old jacket that had the exact right colour and decided to use that for the background. I also found some white fabric scraps and used that for the white in the hoopoe. I lightly glued the white fabric onto the salmon colored fabric, just to keep it in place.


Then I got some black embroidery thread and embroidered in all the black lines on the wings of the bird, its eye and the black tops of the mohawk. I used a grey embroidery strand to make the beak. Then I got white to make a little dot in the eye, and finish off the mohawk.



Then I used a single black embroidery strand to outline the bird, and used my sewing machine to zigzag around the bird. Now I just need to figure out what to do with this little guy. I think I might make a few more birds and use them on a quilt or something. Let me know you made in the comments!


How to make a bird applique

Making wall hanging storage

It’s december again, and in the Netherlands that means Sinterklaas is arriving in our cold little country. Sinterklaas is a cousin of Santa, and he comes bearing gifts. The Sint doesn’t fly over from the south pole in a reindeer sled, but he comes over on a boat from Spain. And together we celebrate his birthday on the fifth of december every year. Just like christmas we celebrate by buying each other gifts, but you have to add a poem to every gift. A little poem to express love for the person receiving it and, more importantly, to make fun of them.

We also do something similar to secret santa, but you have to make your secret santa something, as well as buy them a gift and write them a poem. My family usually goes all out for Sinterklaas. So we do the secret santa, buy everyone gifts, write everyone poems and then get together for an evening unwrapping gifts and reading every poem out loud. And since I have 3 brothers, and every year we bring girlfriends and/or boyfriends you can imagine this is a long, fun, and busy night.

This year I got my mom for secret santa. She is very much into weaving and has a massive loom in her living room (called a normalopatent if you were interested). She has so many accessories to go with it though and no room to put them and it drives my dad insane ๐Ÿ™‚ So I decided to turn an old curtain into a wall hanging storage unit.

I took the curtain and cut it to a size I liked. Then I found an old pair of pants that belonged to my mom, an old jumper and shirt of mine, and some scrap fabric I still had lying around.

First I folded over the curtain at the bottom part en sewed it into 2 different pockets. Then I cut out 2 different styles of pocket from the old pants and sewed them on. I cut out 2 more squares from the jumper and the shirt. I made sure I used the bottom bit of the jumper and shirt so I would have edges that were already finished. Then I sewed them onto the curtain as well, and voila: wall hanging storage ๐Ÿ™‚


Both my mom and the dog loved the wall hanging storage

Both my mom and the dog loved the wall hanging storage

Wall hanging storage

My sister made me a beautifully painted paper mache balloon (with a poem about using it to visit my brother who lives in the caribbean). Unfortunately all the photos of it are on my mom’s camera. I did get 2 pictures of my family’s creations:

Headless Hank

My dad made my brother a miniature version ย of himself of a plastic bottle he forgot to recycle, and with a marzipan head.

Plastic cup snowman




And my eldest brother made a snowman wearing warm footwear (her present) for my foster sister as she is always cold.