Marilyn Monroe and panda bear linocuts

Yesterday my brother came over again and we did four more linocuts. We made two different types of  Marilyn Monroe linocuts, one linocut of a friend of ours, and one of a panda bear. My brother did two outlines and colored them in where he carved out the lines, and then painted the whole thing in one colour with a paint roller, so he could hang them on the wall again. Just like he did with the world map linocut last time.

I used two of the linocuts to make stamps and do some stamping. It was a very nice evening, and I am quite pleased with the results 🙂


My brother copied and carved out a picture of a friend of ours (the one on the left), whose birthday is coming up. He coloured in the lines in blue, but you have to get really close to see it is blue, although it does shine through the white a little and I like this a lot. And the one on the left is Marilyn Monroe, to gift to our sister for her birthday tonight.

Marilyn Monroe linocut

I made a panda linocut, because I use Panda as a nickname for my boyfriend all the time, and because they are just the funniest creatures! And I also did a Marilyn Monroe for my sister. I am quite pleased with the result, especially the little panda, because I drew that all by myself 🙂

Cutting Corona bottles with fire and string actually works!

So I brought 10 (empty) Corona bottles home from work to try cutting glass like I have seen people do on Pinterest. I checked Youtube and found this how to cut glass tutorial. My brother came over to help and off we went.

Materials needed

  • some glass bottles or jars to cut
  • cotton string
  • lighter or matches
  • ice to make ice cold water
  • acetone (nailpolish remover)

We couldn’t get it to work at first

We started out with a wine bottle to experiment and see if it would work, but we could not get it to work at all. My brother was getting tired of trying and told me the youtube video was fake, but I persisted. Then the astronaut boyfriend came over, looked at the video and told us we needed more fire.

How we finally did make cutting glass with fire and string to work

We finally did get it to work due to 3 things we did differently. We used more fire, colder water and changed to cotton string.

We changed the string we used to cotton string. So we soaked the string in acetone, and then tied it around the bottles in the place where we wanted to break it. Turns out the bottle won’t break exactly where you put the string, but slightly above and below the string, so keep this in mind when tying the string. For the corona bottles we tried to get the cut right under the bottle neck, just before it gets smaller. Unfortunately the glass is thicker here, so we had some trouble, and we did not get perfect cuts every time.

Cutting glass with fire and string troubleshooting

Then we needed a lot more fire. At first we just lit the acetone string on fire and let it burn out before we put the bottle in the cold water, and it didn’t work. But when we found some bigger matches and just kept the match burning under the bottle and the string while slowly turning the bottle, we got a lot more fire and heat.

And lastly we needed the water to be a lot colder. Unfortunately I did not have any ice in my freezer, so we put frozen peas in the pan with water to make it ice cold. So then after you set the string on fire and let it burn for a bit quickly put the bottle in the ice cold water and it will break at the intended place.

And so then it worked! So to summarize again, get ice cold water, make sure you keep the string burning hot (more fire), and use cotton string.

How to cut glass with fire and string

As you can see we made quite the mess 🙂 Unfortunately the glass does not break in a straight line, but I think this makes it look a little more creative. I sanded down the edges of the glasses so they are no longer sharp. I put a few in my cupboard to use as drinking glasses, and I put little mini-cactuses in 3 others, because it seemed fitting to have cactuses in corona glasses 🙂